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Trivia Group is the leading provider of premier trivia content, quizzes and games. We license premium trivia question content and games to top entertainment companies around the world for websites, games, apps, mobile, tablet, movie theater, in-flight entertainment, restaurant/bars, iTV, contests, promotions, books, signage and many other applications. Our trivia database contains over 200,000+ questions, facts, birthdays, quotes and jokes and 150,000+ edited and fact checked questions ready for use in competitive trivia games.

Trivia Questions Licensing

Trivia Group has over 200,000 trivia questions, fun facts, quotes, jokes & birthdays etc. available for licensing. Our highly organized database allows us to search for any specific types of quesiton content you may want.
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Trivia Game Engines

Trivia Group licenses a variety of 'ready to deploy' trivia game engines, Flash games and mobile apps. We also provide 'white label' solutions for publishers with high traffic websites/apps.
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Play Trivia at is our trivia online entertainment portal. Originally launched in 2000 as, the site features free daily trivia and a variety of trivia games, quizzes, Flash games, multiplayer games and user generated games.

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